Who is Black Penguin? Amanda Byron (owner) was born and raised in the great city of Seattle. She recently returned home after living the last 17 years on the East Coast. Most of that time was spent living in Brooklyn, New York where she was the Director of Coffee and Vice President of the quality driven and highly acclaimed Joe Coffee Company. During her time at Joe, Amanda gained experience in all aspects of the coffee business, from farming, importing and roasting to cafe design, wholesale and catering. Black Penguin was created by combining all aspects of her experience in the coffee industry, her genuine love for coffee, and the desire to use both of these things to create rare and unexpected event experiences that everyone will remember.

Why is it called Black Penguin? Scientists consider the rare black penguin a one in a zillion type of mutation in which the penguin has only black feathers. As for why she named her business after this unique animal, Amanda says "Black Penguin is what my sister and I called the "fancy restaurant" in our childhood home. When we ate dinner as a family at the dining room table rather than at the kitchen table, we would say we were eating at the Black Penguin. To me the name perfectly encompasses my business in that it is elegant, rare, unique, and original."

What products does Black Penguin use? Black Penguin is proud to use only the best ingredients from local partners. Our coffee is provided by our friends at Counter Culture Coffee and we use only organic milk.