Wish you knew how to use that espresso machine in the office? Want to perfect your latte art rosettas? Do you and a group of friends want to do a personal regional coffee tasting? These are a few of the classes that we at Black Penguin can customize for you. Whether we use your equipment or bring our own, you'll leave a class with us feeling confident in your newfound coffee knowledge and skills.


"I have been a part of the coffee industry in some way for 17 years. During that time I have been heavily involved in every aspect of the coffee business from cafe design and equipment purchasing to roasting and wholesale, quality control and training. I can consult on all parts of build outs including negotiating flow, choosing equipment and selecting a coffee partner. Beyond this initial work I am also able to help improve your current coffee program by creating a custom training program, consult on current quality, or bump staff morale with classes and continuing education. I am excited to share my wide reaching experience with anyone who wants to create an amazing and unique coffee experience at their cafe, restaurant, office or home." Amanda Byron, owner.